Iolanthe is coming. Batten down the hatches!

Watch the skies! The fairies are coming for their lordships and they mean business! Our 2019 Show is Iolanthe. The team is primed. The plan is in motion. Here it comes. Iolanthe will run from Wednesday 27th to Saturday 30th March 2019 at Stantonbury Theatre from 7:30pm each night. The tickets will be ?17 with […]

South Pacific Squeeze

Blitz yourself a fruity squeeze from Wolverton G&S Songs from?Richard Rodgers’ and Oscar Hammerstein’s “South Pacific” bring tropical romance to Showblitz! this summer. Get in the mood with this delicious recipe for a South Pacific Squeeze. 300ml orange juice 100ml pineapple juice 1 banana 6 strawberries 170g pineapple sorbet – see below to make this. […]

Showblitz! rehearsals

What an exciting summer show we have in store for you this year!   Ticket sales are already good but you can still get a seat if you hurry.? Our lovely new box office page shows you which seats are unsold, so you can choose where you want to sit. We have our own theatre […]

The Mayor and Mayoress come to call

We were very pleased to welcome the Mayor, Councillor David Hopkins and his wife Susan to see our production of “The Gondoliers”.? They kindly posed for photographs and visited backstage after the show. It was quite a a moment when our president breezily introduced them to our dressing room just as we were getting out […]

Ride High

The Mayor, Councillor David Hopkins and his wife Susan accepted our invitation to see “The Gondoliers” and wrote a very nice letter to say how much they had enjoyed the show. Cllr Hopkins took the opportunity to introduce us to his charity for 2017/18, Ride High – and we’re glad he did.? This is a […]

Goose guessing – the location answers

We hope you enjoyed the location quiz in our last issue of GanderS.? Here are the answers: Barataria – The Gondoliers. It’s in the title. Castle Adamant – Princess Ida’s fortress. Castle Bunthorne – Patience. Bunthorne’s gaff. Girton – Utopia. Where the Princess has been. Margate – Cox and Box. The location of the lover. […]

The Goose wants show answers

The Great Goose Quiz Moving away from Gilbert and Sullivan into what may be less well-known territory for some. Can you get the song and show from the lyrics? Clue – they are all in Showblitz! Here am I your special island Prepare ye, the way of the Lord Eating oysters by the score and […]

Welcome to GanderS Summer 2018

Showblitz! June 23rd and 24th 2018. Not long now! That quiz. The goose has the answers.. Questions – questions The goose has another quiz for you Next Year’s Show? What, when where? Blitz yourself a South Pacific Squeeze A fruity squeeze from Wolverton G&S VIP visit Who came to see those gondoliers? How can horses […]