Iolanthe is coming. Rehearsals under way.

I predict a riot m’lords! Watch out! Here comes a big one. Our new production of Iolanthe has a distinctly gothic theme.? These are decidedly not flower fairies and they do mean business. All your favourite Gilbert and Sullivan action and music is there, with a full orchestra and a magnificently costumed and talented cast […]

Summer show 2019

Our next summer show will be bigger, brighter and better than ever! Our “Jack the Ripper” and “Showblitz!” performances were great fun to do and we had lots of really positive feedback. Summer shows are now a fixture in our calendar and the next one is being planned now.   Do we know what the […]

The Goose wants answers Iolanthe

The Great Goose Quiz Quiz 4 has an Iolanthe flavour Iolanthe takes us to parliament. How much do you know about the peers and commoners? The trouble started when some one invited the participation of commoners in Parliament. Who was it? The Lords Spiritual used to be a majority. How many bishops are there currently […]

The Goose has the answers to the show quiz

The Great Goose Quiz The answers to Quiz 3 – Show Songs Here am I your special island – South Pacific, Bali Hi Prepare ye, the way of the Lord – Godspell, Prepare ye Eating oysters by the score and throwing away the pearls – Follow That Girl, Three Victorian mermaids The trade is quite […]