The Grand Duke

Putteridge Bury Gilbert and Sullivan Society, who are so close to us we are almost related, are producing “The Grand Duke” the week before “Iolanthe”.? Some of the crossovers should be interesting! Details below…………..

The Goose wants answers fairies

The Great Goose Quiz Quiz 5 tests your fairy lore Iolanthe’s relatives are a party of extremely influential fairies. How is your fairy lore? Titania and Oberon are characters from which William Shakespeare play? Who published the original Rapunzel fairy tale? According to Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie, where did fairies come from? Which girls’ […]

The Goose has the answers to the iolanthe quiz

1. Who first invited the participation of commoners in Parliament? Simon de Montfort 2. How many bishops in the House of Lords? 26 3. How many Lords in total? 800 entitled to sit 4. When did the House of Lords lose its judgement? 2009 when the Supreme Court was set up. 5. What is the […]