A Queenly Pudding

The fairies’ midwife? Queen Mab is so described in Midsummer Night’s Dream. but our Queen may not be the one you’d call! Get in the mood for Iolanthe with this elegant summer dish. Queen Mab’s Pudding 4 oz of caster sugar 1 oz of gelatine 1 pint of milk ? pint of double cream 6 […]

Welcome to GanderS Spring 2019

Welcome to GanderS Issue 5 In this special springtime issue Iolanthe and the Peris Working hard to bring you a wonderful show The Lord Chancellor Our Chancellor gives us a preview… The Grandest of Dukes Our friends at Putteridge Bury are getting political too.. Summer Sorcery Our super summer show. Details here… A charity close […]

Iolanthe Roger Chancellor

So Ruth asked Roger about his character…. What’s your favourite thing about playing this character? The challenge of portraying the character in a sympathetic way.? The Nightmare Song has to be the greatest challenge for anyone who aspires to sing patter songs.   Does your character have any hidden talents? He aspires to be an […]

MK Hospital Cancer Unit

So why are we showing pictures of Lynn? Lynn performed with us for more years than a lady cares to remember and she died aged just 60 in June 2017.? Her cancer treatment involved many long and tiring trips to Northampton for chemotherapy. Not that anyone watching her perform in Ruddigore that year would have […]

Iolanthe hard working peers and peris

We are working hard for you on our next big show.? The production team and cast have been enthusiastically rehearsing ready to bring you a great show. This Iolanthe has a Goth theme and we are even inviting our audience to join in and come in goth gear if they want to.? Friday night is […]

The Sorcerer July 2019 preview

Our summer show is “The Sorcerer”! This glorious tale of magic potions and mis-matched lovers will run for a full four nights.? Our first performance will be on Wednesday 17th July and we will run until Saturday 20th. The show will be at Stantonbury Theatre and will have orchestral accompaniment under the baton of our […]