The Sorcerer July 2019 preview

Our summer show is “The Sorcerer”! This glorious tale of magic potions and mis-matched lovers will run for a full four nights.? Our first performance will be on Wednesday 17th July and we will run until Saturday 20th. The show will be at Stantonbury Theatre and will have orchestral accompaniment under the baton of our […]

The Grand Duke

Putteridge Bury Gilbert and Sullivan Society, who are so close to us we are almost related, are producing “The Grand Duke” the week before “Iolanthe”.? Some of the crossovers should be interesting! Details below…………..

The Goose wants answers fairies

The Great Goose Quiz Quiz 5 tests your fairy lore Iolanthe’s relatives are a party of extremely influential fairies. How is your fairy lore? Titania and Oberon are characters from which William Shakespeare play? Who published the original Rapunzel fairy tale? According to Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie, where did fairies come from? Which girls’ […]

The Goose has the answers to the iolanthe quiz

1. Who first invited the participation of commoners in Parliament? Simon de Montfort 2. How many bishops in the House of Lords? 26 3. How many Lords in total? 800 entitled to sit 4. When did the House of Lords lose its judgement? 2009 when the Supreme Court was set up. 5. What is the […]

Summer show 2019

Our next summer show will be bigger, brighter and better than ever! Our “Jack the Ripper” and “Showblitz!” performances were great fun to do and we had lots of really positive feedback. Summer shows are now a fixture in our calendar and the next one is being planned now.   Do we know what the […]

WLO Christmas Concert 2018

A great Christmas Concert with WLO Once again, Wolverton G&S and friends sing with the WLO. Every year the Wolverton Light Orchestra welcome Christmas with a wonderful concert of festive and not-so-festive music. This year is no exception and, as usual, Wolverton G&S and singers from other local groups will join in heartily. If you […]

We do not care a fig

A figgy delight for Christmas – and for Strephon Young Strephon is the kind of lout we do not care a fig about! But figgy pudding on the other hand. That’s quite a different matter for their lordships. Get in the mood for Christmas with this BBC recipe. Figgy Pudding 250g pack butter softened, plus […]

Welcome to GanderS Autumn 2018

WLO Christmas Concert We’ll be there. Will you? Iolanthe Our spring show next year. See what we have in store… That quiz. The goose has the answers.. Questions – questions The goose has another quiz for you Next Year’s Show? What, when where? Getting in the pudding club Do we care a fig for pudding? […]

Iolanthe is coming. Rehearsals under way.

I predict a riot m’lords! Watch out! Here comes a big one. Our new production of Iolanthe has a distinctly gothic theme.? These are decidedly not flower fairies and they do mean business. All your favourite Gilbert and Sullivan action and music is there, with a full orchestra and a magnificently costumed and talented cast […]