So, what's with the gander?

OK. It’s a horrid pun on G and?S, but there are references to geese in the operas.

?Tessa sings that “Every?goose?becomes a swan” in The Gondoliers and Katisha claims she is “a silly little goose!” (if a teeny bit bloodthirsty) in Mikado.

Plenty more birds to find. Can you identify the operas these ornithological gems come from?

  1. Into it we throw – Cock who doesn?t crow!
  2. And if any were fond of pigeon shooting – He’d ask them down to his place at Tooting.
  3. His Lordship is constitutionally as blithe as a bird
  4. In tendency to fall in love, resemble I the amorous dove?
  5. Jackdaws strut in peacock?s feathers. – – Storks turn out to be but logs
  6. Man is of no kind of use ? Man?s a donkey ? Man?s a goose
  7. After, say, a month or two – Robin did as Robins do
  8. Not at all, the crowing?s done by an accomplished hen!
  9. Now what would be the good of that? Why, you goose, I should marry again within a month!
  10. Oh, why did you go and defy us, you great geese!
  11. On a tree by a river a little tom-tit
  12. The languid loves – Of turtle doves – These simple joys are all at hand
  13. Upon thy breast – My loving head would rest – As on her nest – The tender turtle dove
  14. When maiden loves, she mopes apart – As owl mopes on a tree
  15. At once distrust you surely lull – And rook the pigeon and the gull

Answers in the next edition of GanderS…

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