The Great Goose Quiz

The answers to Quiz 3 – Show Songs

  1. Here am I your special island – South Pacific, Bali Hi
  2. Prepare ye, the way of the Lord – Godspell, Prepare ye
  3. Eating oysters by the score and throwing away the pearls – Follow That Girl, Three Victorian mermaids
  4. The trade is quite secret so don’t breathe a word to mother – Jack the Ripper, What a Life
  5. The pavement always stayed beneath my feet before – My Fair Lady, Street Where You Live
  6. See the pretty lady toss that baton – Barnum, Come Follow the Band
  7. We’ll join the Astors at Tony Pastors – Hello dolly, Put on your Sunday Clothes
  8. A hundred and ten cornets blazed away – The Music Man, 76 Trombones
  9. Make sure you’re where less worry is strife – Wicked, Dancing through Life
  10. He can’t seem to lose the smell of fish – Carousel, When I Marry Mr Snow
  11. Demons are prowling everywhere nowadays – Sweeney Todd, Not While I’m Around
  12. Everybody’s boon companion – Les Miserables, Master of the House
  13. Then out of the hat it’s that big first night’ – Kiss me Kate, Another Opening Another Show