A great Christmas Concert with WLO

Once again, Wolverton G&S and friends sing with the WLO.

Every year the Wolverton Light Orchestra welcome Christmas with a wonderful concert of festive and not-so-festive music. This year is no exception and, as usual, Wolverton G&S and singers from other local groups will join in heartily.

If you are a seasoned concert goer, you may remember last year the event was snowed off because Stantonbury theatre could not clear their carpark in time. No such worries this year we hope, because the concert has moved. It will be at The Venue MK, a luxury 250 seater theatre with excellent facilities for audiences and performers alike.

There are still some tickets left at the time of writing, but better hurry. You can get them from Andy Amos on 01296 715557 or from The Venue

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