The Great Goose Quiz

The answers to Quiz 4 – Iolanthe

1. Who first invited the participation of commoners in Parliament? Simon de Montfort

2. How many bishops in the House of Lords? 26

3. How many Lords in total? 800 entitled to sit

4. When did the House of Lords lose its judgement? 2009 when the Supreme Court was set up.

5. What is the full title of a Law Lord? Lord of Appeal in Ordinary

6. Which sort of Bill can the House of Lords veto? One to extend the life of a parliament – no more PM for life

7. In Iolanthe, fairies invade the House of Lords. How many years after Iolanthe was first performed were women finally permitted to take their seats in the Lords? 76 (1882 to 1958)

8. When was the woolsack last stuffed? 1938 with a blend of wool from all wool-producing commonwealth countries

9. HMQ has her own throne in the house of Lords but she doesn’t go the other place. who was the last monarch to visit the commons?
Charles I
No monarch has entered the House of Commons since King Charles I stormed into the chamber to arrest five MPs for treason. It probably didn?t help his popularity much and it was a catalyst of the English Civil War.

10. Until 1706, the speaker of the House of Commons was allowed to take his chair with him on retirement. That perk has vanished and the current speaker’s chair looks a bit too heavy anyway. What is the Speaker’s chair made from? The present chair was given by Australia and is made of black beanwood from North Queensland