Iolanthe – our peers and peris are working as hard as the real ones!

We are working hard for you on our next big show.? The production team and cast have been enthusiastically rehearsing ready to bring you a great show.

This Iolanthe has a Goth theme and we are even inviting our audience to join in and come in goth gear if they want to.? Friday night is Goth night!

So, on Friday 27th you can rock your gorgeously gothic look. Of course goths and their friends are welcome any and every night.

The Houses of Parliament will be in an uproar in March we have no doubt, and so will the fictional House in our production!


Tickets for Iolanthe are on sale at Stantonbury Box Office?Tel?01908 324466?or click the link.

Stantonbury Box Office are extremely helpful but, if you have any queries they can’t solve, feel free to contact us on