Milton Keynes Mayor introduces us to Ride High

The Mayor, Councillor David Hopkins and his wife Susan accepted our invitation to see “The Gondoliers” and wrote a very nice letter to say how much they had enjoyed the show. Cllr Hopkins took the opportunity to introduce us to his charity for 2017/18, Ride High – and we’re glad he did.? This is a very interesting and worthwhile charity aimed at changing children’s lives for the better using horses.

Rachel Medill set up Ride High in 2008 and from the very start there were key principles that she felt very strongly about, and today these principles underpin everything they do as an organisation:

  • They help children on the margins for whom there is often no other help available. The children are struggling with daily life and in many cases are desperately sad
  • Ride High is a place of consistency, safety, support, friendship and fun
  • They offer a range of activities beyond riding horses to help these children make changes to their skills, confidence and prospects
  • They offer a long term programme so that the benefits are sustained and can, in many cases, last a lifetime.

You can help Ride High in their vital work in a numbers of ways:

Please do take the time to visit their website and see if you can contribute.