The Great Goose Quiz

Moving away from Gilbert and Sullivan into what may be less well-known territory for some. Can you get the song and show from the lyrics? Clue – they are all in Showblitz!

  1. Here am I your special island
  2. Prepare ye, the way of the Lord
  3. Eating oysters by the score and throwing away the pearls
  4. The trade is quite secret so don’t breathe a word to mother
  5. The pavement always stayed beneath my feet before
  6. See the pretty lady toss that baton
  7. We’ll join the Astors at Tony Pastors
  8. A hundred and ten cornets blazed away
  9. Make sure you’re where less worry is strife
  10. He can’t seem to lose the smell of fish
  11. Demons are prowling everywhere nowadays
  12. Everybody’s boon companion
  13. Then out of the hat it’s that big first night

Answers in the next edition of GanderS…