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So here we are, nearly two years on from the cancellation calamity that befell Calamity Jane in March 2020. We had a tentative comeback in September 2021. It was encouraging to see a strong turnout for rehearsals for a concert we planned for November called "A Confection of G&S".

That had to be cancelled too.

So what next?  All I  can offer is hopes for now. We hope to be back at Stantonbury with a show in November 2022.  We hope it will be HMS Pinafore.

Maybe, just maybe, we can get a concert in before then.  Who knows? Experience has taught us not to make definite plans.


The spirit of G&S lives on. We will be back and better than ever. As for when, well just keep an eye on our Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter for breaking news!



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