The Goose has the Answers

Quiz 7 was all about Doris Day. How did you get on?

Last time the goose was testing you on Doris Day. How did you score?

  1. Doris Mary Anne Kappelhoff was born in 1922. What was her star sign? Aries the Ram. Which shows what use astrology is…
  2. Doris started her professional career as a dancer. What put that on hold? A car accident in 1937 injured her right leg.
  3. How did Kappelhoff become Day? Barney Rapp suggested it in 1939 after hearing her sing ‘Day After Day’.
  4. OK. Has to be asked. What was Doris’ first film? ‘Romance on the High Seas’ in 1948.
  5. Many more films followed. Who was her co-star in ‘Pillow Talk’? It was the start of her long running friendship with Rock Hudson
  6. And who starred with Doris in ‘That Touch of Mink’ in 1962? Cary Grant.
  7. ‘Move Over Darling’ was a hit movie and an even bigger hit song. Who co-wrote that famous song? Her son Terry Melcher with Joe Lubin and Hal Kanter.
  8. Well the goose had to give one easy one. Who was her co-star in ‘Calamity Jane’? Howard Keel of course!
  9. So when did Doris first get top billing in a movie? Not until 1951 in ‘Starlift’
  10. It wasn’t Doris who sang ‘Happy Birthday Mr President’. What was her first brush with a potential president? In 1952 she starred in ‘The Winning Team’ alongside Ronald Reagan
  11. And, sadly, the last movie. Which movie and when?1968 ‘With Six You Get Eggroll’. Only 65% on Rotten Tomatoes!
  12. Doris famously played Calamity Jane in the 1953 movie. Who played her on screen in 1940? Marin Sais played Calamity in the film series Deadwood Dick in 1940