The Great Goose Quiz

Quiz 8 is about quarantine

We’ve not performed in a while. Dull indoors isn’t it?

So how much do you know about quarantine?

  1. In which century was the word quarantine first used?
  2. Which colour flags would a ship historically fly to alert that it was in quarantine?
  3. When bringing a dog to the UK from abroad, how long would it have to spend in quarantine before 2000?
  4. The quarantine Act was passed in England in which century?
  5. Typhoid Mary was found to be an asymptomatic carrier of Typhoid, in which country?
  6. The astronauts from Apollo 11, 12, and 14 were quarantined for how long upon their return to earth?
  7. On 28th March 2020, what percentage of the world’s population was in lockdown?
  8. Which methods of drying your hands is better at reducing the amount of bacteria left on your hands – paper towels, jet air dryers or warm air dryers?
  9. What does PPE stand for?
  10. How long should you wash your hands for to reduce the risk of contamination?

Answers in the next edition of GanderS…