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Strephon and Phyllis getting passionate in Iolanthe
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Wolverton G&S Iolanthe cast photo 1977
 Fred Cornford, Colin Wiseman, Brian Sullivan, Charlie Brooker and Tony Selby. Ruby Easterbrook, Angela Bowen, Jean Stratford, Anne Wiseman and Pam Street

Our Story

Since 1975, the Wolverton Gilbert and Sullivan Society has been a beacon of musical theatre, illuminating stages with the whimsical works of the legendary duo. Our dedicated cast of amateurs, bonded by a love for performance and community, brings laughter and joy to audiences of all ages. Join us for a journey through the magic of musical theatre.


I enjoyed this production of The Gondoliers very much. It was full of musicality and colour as I feel Gilbert and Sullivan intended. Congratulations on the surprising unveiling of Inez – a great twist in the tail!! Thank you too, to Clarence who made us feel very welcome. Good luck with all your future shows.


I cannot believe I have waited this long to see a Wolverton Gilbert and Sullivan Society production, but I shall be attending all their shows in the future as not only have they introduced me to a new operetta, they are slick, professional, sing unamplified, no bells and whistles and simply rely on home-grown talent to produce a top-class show. Bravo!

Seclow Sounds

Many of the most comic moments of the evening were provided by Paula Fraser, looking every inch the Queen of the Fairies and whose lovely comic timing enabled her to judge perfectly the balance between her regal status and more ‘mortal’ feelings, especially when presented with Constable Willis – played with a knowing wit by John Douglas.


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