Yes, 50 years. Who’d have thought?

Thinking of joining us to sing in this wonderful celebratory show? New members are welcome. Past members too.

What’s it all about?

WGSS at 50 is a show to celebrate the past 50 years and to look to the future. It will include lots of G&S and other great music we have performed.

It will be performed on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th November 2024 from 7:30pm each night at Stantonbury Theatre.


You need to be a member to take part. If you are a new member you can join for free for the first month to see how you get on.

If your past membership has lapsed, you can rejoin for the show at the old rate of £100 for a full year or £50 for half a year. Half a year will cover you for the whole of WGSS at 50. There’s a 10% discount for the unwaged.

Our director Ann Skelly introduced the show at our open night on Friday 10th May. If you missed it or just need reminding, this is what she said:

Ann’s show briefing.

Our show is a musical medley of songs that have been performed by Wolverton G & S since the group was originally formed 50 years ago.  It includes a mix of songs from shows, including non-G & S numbers.   A Narrator will give a brief introduction for each themed selection of songs, giving us some stories from past productions and showing how the group has changed over the years and where we will go in the future.

Rehearsals are mainly on Fridays although there are some Wednesdays closer to the show. We also have some Wednesday nights coming up to allow those who are interested in singing a solo or being in an ensemble. These are on 15th and 22nd May at Christ Church Stantonbury. There is a separate rehearsal for the selected soloists and ensemble singers on Wednesday 29th May.  As usual we take August off but will be meeting every Friday from September 6th until the show itself.

Songs from the following shows will be included:

G & S ShowsOther Shows
Pirates of PenzanceJack the Ripper
H.M.S. PinaforeSalad Days
The GondoliersValley of Song
The Yeomen of the GuardsJack the Ripper
The MikadoCalamity Jane*
Trial by JuryTom Foolery
IolantheCowardy Custard
The Zoo 

* Not performed previously but rehearsed fully before lock down!

The final full song list, including chorus, solo and group number parts will be available to download from this website before the next rehearsal. 


There will be no official auditions but we would like expressions of interest to be sent to by 6pm on Thursday 23rd May. Please include your name, mobile number and email address and list each part you would be interested in.  (Song, name of character and/or Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass [SATB] part).

The allocated parts will be distributed by email on Tuesday 28th May to give soloists time to know if they are required at the 29th May rehearsal.

If you have not performed with the group previously you may be asked to sing for us at the end of one of the Wednesday rehearsals if you wish to be considered for a solo.


Most of the G & S numbers will involve movement.  There will be three levels, those who can dance, those who can do less complicated movement and those who need to sit down.  Please let Ann know which group you would like to be in.   All choreography will be fairly gentle so don’t feel put off to volunteer as a dancer. 

Paula has kindly agreed to allow us to re-use the choreography she set for the last two shows she directed, H.M.S. Pinafore and Jack the Ripper so hopefully not all the movement will be new for those who were in these productions.  We also intend to re-use as much of the choreography we can from Pirates, our most recent show.

NB: We have the rights holder’s permission to move some of the non-G & S numbers but not all of them.

Learning your part

Some music and SATB audio files are already available in the membership area of the website to allow you to learn the parts.  The final few numbers will be loaded shortly. We encourage everyone to learn as much as you can for all the numbers you are involved with if you are able to.  We understand there a lot of musical numbers for this show so we may have smaller number of chorus members for some of the songs and may be able to allow some members to use copies in some of the numbers.

Meet the Crew!

Kim Bennett

Our Musical Director

We are delighted to welcome Kim back as MD for this special occasion. Her rehearsals are always a joy and the hard work she puts in makes sure you get the best performances from our talented singers.

Ann Skelly

Our Director

Ann is a leading member of the Wolverton G&S and we are fortunate to have persuaded her to direct for this very special 50th anniversary show

Mike White

Our Producer

This is Mike’s first time as Producer, but surely not his last. He is also a talented artist so look out for the posters!

Mike has written parts of our show and was involved in choosing which of the enormous selection of superb music to include.

Mike is the one to thank that our wonderful show actually goes ahead!

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