11th and 12th November 2022

Wolverton Light Orchestra and Wolverton G&S Society Present


Wolverton Gilbert and Sullivan Society are once again joining forces with the justly renowned Wolverton Light Orchestra to bring you a truly splendid joint production of a Victorian Music Hall. Allow us to transport you to a delightful cornucopia of music hall marvels, and this time you will be an essential, not to say pivotal, cog in this mighty machine. It will star, in the time-honoured phrase – chiefly, yourselves!

If you’ve seen any of our G&S shows, you’ll already know the joy of hearing a live orchestra instead of those increasingly common pre-recorded backing tracks. This time we have twice our usual number of players, a veritable symphony orchestra to perform with.

Our programme is a magnificent mix of orchestral pieces, choruses with orchestra and solos and duets.

Wallow in gorgeous Gilbert and Sullivan choruses and enjoy the spectacle of a right old knees up Old Time Music Hall medley with plenty of cockney ‘ows yer father’ moves, and lots of lovely dancers for a waltz.

You can expect exciting and humorous novelty acts as well as familiar and  famous music hall songs. Hiss, boo and cheer as our thrilling thespians exercise their ample opportunity for over-acting in the comically sinister melodrama.

The evening will be compered in the loquacious and sesquipedalian style exemplified by the late Leonard Sachs in the BBC series “The Good Old Days”.  If you are under 50 you may need to Google it…