Goose guessing – the location answers

We hope you enjoyed the location quiz in our last issue of GanderS.? Here are the answers: Barataria – The Gondoliers. It’s in the title. Castle Adamant – Princess Ida’s fortress. Castle Bunthorne – Patience. Bunthorne’s gaff. Girton – Utopia. Where the Princess has been. Margate – Cox and Box. The location of the lover. […]

The Goose wants show answers

The Great Goose Quiz Moving away from Gilbert and Sullivan into what may be less well-known territory for some. Can you get the song and show from the lyrics? Clue – they are all in Showblitz! Here am I your special island Prepare ye, the way of the Lord Eating oysters by the score and […]

The Goose wants Answers

The Great Goose Quiz It maybe, just maybe, a little easier than last issue’s bird quiz. This one is all about location. Can you tell which of the Operas was either set in or simply mentions the following locations? Barataria Castle Adamant Castle Bunthorne Girton Margate Mount Olympus Peckham Pfennig Halbpfennig Portsmouth Rederring St. Mary […]

Goose guessing – the answers

We hope you enjoyed the bird quiz in our last issue of GanderS.? Here are the answers: Into it we throw – Cock who doesn?t crow! – Yeomen of course And if any were fond of pigeon shooting – He’d ask them down to his place at Tooting.? – Tricky one this. It’s Thespis His […]