Jack the Ripper Musical - Stantonbury Theatre 8th to 11th November 2023

Jack the Ripper, the musical by Ron Pember and Denis de Marne is a strange and exciting mixture of music hall, ferocious satire, wild comedy and deep pathos.

The tale of Jack the Ripper has inspired a huge number of books, learned articles, several tours, films and plays as well as three or four musicals.  But they are usually mostly about the culprit. The show we are performing is less about Jack himself. Indeed he is not even a named character. He is the constant menacing background to the lives and loves of the women and men of London's East End in the 1880s.  This brilliant show, full of great tunes, gives a strident and powerful voice to those women and gloriously satirises the Victorian hierarchy.  And it is funny. Very funny indeed. There are moments of tragedy, farce and high comedy throughout.  The stark eulogy for Polly at one extreme with the hilarious cross-dressing policemen at the other.  A five star musical show that is not to be missed.

"Jack the Ripper the Musical Play" by Ron Pember and Denis de Marne had its stage debut at the Players' Theatre in Covent Garden in June 1974 before moving to the West End. It has remained a staple of amateur and professional companies ever since.

We last performed Jack the Ripper in 2017. We had a two day run then but it wasn't really enough. This time we are giving this musical wonder the full, four night treatment.

Jack the Ripper the musical deals with themes we think are not wholly suitable for children.