And the latest is…

So here we are, over two years on from the cancellation calamity that befell Calamity Jane in March 2020. We had a tentative comeback in September 2021. It was encouraging to see a strong turnout for rehearsals for a concert we planned for November called “A Confection of G&S”. That had to be cancelled too. […]

Ring a ring of roses

“Ring a Ring o’ Roses” or “Ring a Ring o’ Rosie” is an English nursery rhyme or folksong and playground singing game. It first appeared in print in 1881, but it is reported that a version was already being sung to the current tune in the 1790s and similar rhymes are known from across Europe It is unknown what the earliest […]

The first Frederic – Llewellyn Cadwaladr

Allow me to introduce you to Arthur Dendy. No, not the towel-toting galactic traveller. That was Arthur Dent.  Arthur Hyde Dendy was the upright, uptight Birmingham barrister who transformed Paignton from a place famous for little more than growing cabbages into a flourishing seaside resort.  Arthur owned hotels, ran the local paper,  introduced a horse […]