Yes, we’re pirating at Stantonbury in May!

The Pirate King and his crew are waiting to Rrrroyally entertain you!

Wednesday 1st May to Saturday 4th May 2024 from 7:30pm each night at Stantonbury Theatre

The Pirates of Penzance

“Pirates” is one of the most popular of all Gilbert and Sullivan’s operas. Deservedly so because it has fabulous music and brilliant dialogue. And it is very funny!

See the brilliant cast and crew bring this famous comic opera to life! Our passion is to fill Stantonbury Theatre with laughter and song for you to enjoy.

Join us and be part of the joy that only this classic can bring!

Meet the Crew!

David Anstice-Pim

Our Musical Director.

We are delighted to welcome Dave back as MD for The Pirates of Penzance. His rehearsals are always a joy and the hard work he puts in makes sure you get the best performances from our talented singers.

Shona Gilchrist

Our Director.

Shona is a leading member of the Wolverton G&S who has brilliantly directed many shows for other societies. We are fortunate to have persuaded her to direct for her own society for this, her first time. Her innovative production retains all the glorious music and comic dialogue but with that certain “Shona Surreal Steampunk” look and feel. Watch out for the guardians!

Andy Oxford

Our Choreographer.

You may have seen Andy as the gang leader in Jack the Ripper. Don’t worry! He’s really a very nice person.

He is also a talented choreographer who will make sure our spectacular set pieces look as fabulous as they sound.

Linda Davy

Our Producer.

This is Linda’s first time as producer, but surely not her last. She is also Treasurer of the society so she’ll be keeping an eye on the money too!

Linda is the calm and sensible person who leads the production team. Getting a production from plan to showtime is a huge project with lots of logistical challenges.

Linda is the one to thank that our wonderful show actually goes ahead!

Here are the leading characters

We are so pleased to be fielding such a strong cast, led by these talented principals.

Cat Lee


Phil Kendall


Mike Gray

Pirate King

Tim Sell

Major General Stanley

Paul Harman


Vivienne Harman


Paula Fraser


David Mills

Sergeant of Police

Karen Elliott

Commander of the Guards

Amanda King


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