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Our Next Major Show

Stantonbury Theatre 1st – 4th May 2024

Frederic, a pirate apprentice with a keen sense of duty, finishes his apprenticeship and immediately falls head-over-heels in love with Mabel. Ah!

There’s a snag of course. It involves his being born in a leap year. Can he reconcile his duty with his heart? Of course he can. It’s G&S…..

Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic opera is packed full of sentimental pirates, blundering policemen, absurd adventures and improbable paradoxes.

Praise for our Last show

Well done to the wonderful cast & crew. It was a great show, you were all fabulous xx
Fantastic show guys! Really enjoyed it. Nice to see something a bit different. The acting was first rate and the singing was brilliant. Well done!
The cast and crew proved that a Gilbert and Sullivan Society do not have to stick to G&S – Jack the Ripper was a marvellous production and I can’t wait to return for more!

Jack the Ripper November 2023