Armenian spiced cake

Well, as a responsible organisation we’re sensibly going with the data to decide when we get together again in real life. If anything is going to make it worth considering dates instead it’s this delicious Armenian Spiced cake made by a lady called Heather. Heather may not have originated the recipe but the results were […]

Boston Beans

Baked beans and cowboys are sort of linked in the popular imagination. And we all know who to blame for that… In fact beans were a real staple of frontier life in the 19th and early 20th centuries. They were easy to grow, high in protein and “stuck to the ribs”.. This recipe is for […]

Sally Lunn Sorcery

Singing Sally's praises What better way to celebrate our new production of “The Sorcerer” than with a tasty slice of Sally Lunn: Now to the banquet we press; Now for the eggs and the ham; Now for the mustard and cress, Now for the strawberry jam! Now for the tea of our host, Now for […]

A Queenly Pudding

The fairies’ midwife? Queen Mab is so described in Midsummer Night’s Dream. but our Queen may not be the one you’d call! Get in the mood for Iolanthe with this elegant summer dish. Queen Mab’s Pudding 4 oz of caster sugar 1 oz of gelatine 1 pint of milk ? pint of double cream 6 […]

We do not care a fig

A figgy delight for Christmas – and for Strephon Young Strephon is the kind of lout we do not care a fig about! But figgy pudding on the other hand. That’s quite a different matter for their lordships. Get in the mood for Christmas with this BBC recipe. Figgy Pudding 250g pack butter softened, plus […]

South Pacific Squeeze

Blitz yourself a fruity squeeze from Wolverton G&S Songs from?Richard Rodgers’ and Oscar Hammerstein’s “South Pacific” bring tropical romance to Showblitz! this summer. Get in the mood with this delicious recipe for a South Pacific Squeeze. 300ml orange juice 100ml pineapple juice 1 banana 6 strawberries 170g pineapple sorbet – see below to make this. […]

Kipper tied

The fishy problem with Sullivan's Chef Both Arthur Sullivan?and William Gilbert?enjoyed being wealthy?and living well?but Gilbert thought Sullivan?profligate for employing a French chef.??My cook gets??80 and gives me a?kipper’, scoffed Gilbert.???Sullivan?s cook?gets??500 a year for giving him the same thing in?French!?? Kippers?were?enjoyed by?Victorians and Edwardians?not only for breakfast?but as a?treat?for high?tea?or?supper.? Did Sullivan’s cook make […]

Sally Lunn

Singing about Sally One of the crazier things we did in our 2012 production of “The Sorcerer” was to dress as hippies.? The hippies in this photograph are singing about “Sally Lunn” Now to the banquet we press; Now for the eggs and the ham; Now for the mustard and cress, Now for the strawberry […]