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Annie Parker,  Graham Mitchell,  Karen Jones, Linda Davy, Karen Elliott and many more.

Filling the void

After so much hard work and expense, we had to cancel our 2020 production of Calamity Jane.

Covid restrictions had closed all theatres and we had no public performances until 2022.



Stepping  up to fill the gap and keep our society together was a wonderful group of people arranging everything from virtual Barbecues to Zoom charades.

One person who did more than anyone else to keep us amused and entertained all that while was our social secretary Annie Parker.

Here’s a list of events:

Not the G&S BBQ – Zoom!
Annie’s bingo night – Zoom!
Halloween Quiz – Zoom!
Not the Calamity Jane After Show Party – Zoom!
Annie’s Thoroughly Festive Christmas Quiz – Zoom!
WGSS Charades
Linda’s Valentine Quiz
Annie’s Bingo Night
WGSS Zoom Social – Annie
WGSS Zoom Social – Graham
WGSS Zoom Quiz- Annie
WGSS Zoom Social – Karen P
WGSS Zoom Social – Karen E’s quiz
WGSS Zoom Social
Annie’s Dingbats
WGSS Annie’s Bingo