1st – 2nd July 2022
West end United church

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Annie Parker, Laura Anstice-Pim, Mike Gray, Paula Fraser, Roger Whatmore, David Anstice-Pim, Kim Bennett, Hayley Rance,  John Bailes, David Mills, Graham Mitchell,  Jenny Tygrys, Karen Platt, Paddy Marshall, Alan Bennett.


Linda Davy, Karen Elliott,  Kath Whitney, Kim Phillips,  Tony Franklin, Louise Harrison, Tracey Myles, Sophie Elliott, Amanda Fraser, Shona Gilchrist, Amanda King, Charlotte Pearson, Laurence Law

Musical Director – Kim Bennett
Director – Graham Mitchell
Choreographer – Paula Fraser
Accompanist – Ros Whatmore
Production Manager – Annie Parker
Technical Director – Martin Putman
Stage Manager – Dave Howard



Eagle High Utopia

Opening Chorus Trial by Jury

Judge’s Song Trial by Jury

My gallant crew HMS Pinafore

Over the bright blue sea HMS Pinafore

When I was a lad HMS Pinafore

Finale Act 2 HMS Pinafore

Ring forth ye Bells Sorcerer

My name is John Wellington Wells Sorcerer

When the night wind howls Ruddigore

Welcome Gentry Ruddigore

When the buds are blossoming Ruddigore

A Lady Fair Princess Ida

Who fired that shot? Yeoman of the Guard

Madrigal Mikado

Cachucha Gondoliers


Night has spread its wings                                  Yeomen of the Guard

When anger spreads its wings Princess Ida

Regular Royal Queen Gondoliers

Now to the Banquet we press Sorcerer

Sparkling Eyes Gondoliers

Come Bumpers ever so many Grand Duke

Love is a Plaintive Song Patience

Double Chorus Patience

Act 1 Finale Iolanthe

Entry and duet Mikado

Mikado’s song Mikado

The sun whose rays Mikado

I am a Pirate King Pirates of Penzance

Sergeant’s song Pirates of Penzance

When the foeman bares his steel Pirates of Penzance

Hail Poetry Pirates of Penzance