Stuck inside

Annie Parker

Twas the beginning of the year, the decs had been put away

New diets had been started, to get beach ready for the holiday

Then Uncle Covid came to visit, and cast our plans awry

Schools and pubs were closed down and parents began to cry


At G and S we were poised, to go on stage and sing

But Boris put a stop to that and instead we did……nothing

The weeks and months crept past, and some they did despair

Of ever singing on a stage again and dancing without care


A year went by and still we were locked down in our homes

No audience to perform to except the garden Gnomes

But then a glorious hope appeared and lit up the whole scene

You will be able to act again, just go get your vaccine.


So off we went to the docs and got the little scratch

Then 8 weeks later back we went, to get the 2nd batch.

So now we sit and hope that all the scientists are right

And sometime in November we will have an opening night.