The Gilbertian Kipper Crisis

The fishy problem with Sullivan's Chef

Both Arthur Sullivan?and William Gilbert?enjoyed being wealthy?and living well?but Gilbert thought Sullivan?profligate for employing a French chef.??My cook gets??80 and gives me a?kipper’, scoffed Gilbert.???Sullivan?s cook?gets??500 a year for giving him the same thing in?French!??

Kippers?were?enjoyed by?Victorians and Edwardians?not only for breakfast?but as a?treat?for high?tea?or?supper.?

Did Sullivan’s cook make him jugged kippers though?? And what, pray, is a jugged kipper anyway?

Answers below…..

Jugged Kippers

For a traditional?cooking method which is quick and simple?and delivers a really moist and succulent?fish?try?our recipe?for?jugged kippers.?


Kippers, cold smoked?(preferably).??


Remove the heads and tails using kitchen?scissors.?

Place the?kippers vertically into a tall warmed jug.??

Cover the fish with?boiling water and cover the jug.?Leave in a warm place for 6 minutes.??

Remove the?kippers, pat dry with kitchen towel and serve.??

Delicious with a knob of?butter, a?thick chunk of crusty brown bread?and maybe a wedge of fresh lemon.?Try?adding poached?or creamy scrambled eggs for a?treat.??

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